Atenas Spanish Academy


Do it study spanish at Atesa. In no other language school or institute will you find the kindness, sincerity, experience, environment, resources and support that Atesa staff offers at their farm in Atenas Costa Rica. The instruction goes beyond class time. It is continued through genuine attempts to include you in outings in town and cultural activities. Atesa provides useful homework, readings and lessons from solid materials that will continue to serve you after finishing classes in Costa Rica.

The tranquil rural setting of Atenas is ideal for full immersion. During my time here I did not have one conversation in English and managed to meet some locals, play soccer, take hikes and run through the nearby trails and enjoy the beautiful climate and simple lifestyle Atenas has to offer. Working in any of the "ranchos" (gazebos), with views of mango, avocado, almond, apple and orange trees was pure peace......and reaping the fruits of these trees is an absolute pleasure.....¬°que rico!

Matt Hartsock (School Psychologist)

I retired nine months ago and moved to Atenas, Costa Rica. I knew very little Spanish and was eager to begin. My classes are held in any of the "ranchos",and although I am focus on the subject matter, I am aware of the sweet breezes blowing across the "rancho", the shimmering green of the leafy fruit trees and the songs of birds. The students have here natural mint tea, coffee of the farm, orange juice, fruits right off the trees.

The staff is very close, each member seems to treasure the company of the others. And as a bonus, my regular classes are complemented from time to time with conversations with Miguel, the principal's husband and a Social Studies teacher.

The methodology is excellent. The program they use for teaching Spanish and the workbooks they provide facilitate the learning process. Their command of the language is impeccable. Even at my advanced age, I am learning Spanish.

The climate in Atenas is wonderful. The temperature is balmy and the air is fresh. Studying Spanish in Atesa has been very healthy for me, nourishing my spirit and body as well as my mind.

Diane Holman (Lawyer)

As I sit outside with a view of mango trees set against the setting tropical sun, breathing fresh, delicious air, sipping the purest coffee know to man, and learning to speak Spanish in a private class, I know I am experiencing something truly unique. I am learning Spanish surrounded by nature, in a program that has exceeded my expectation in many ways. I needed to identify an effective, intensive program, offered in a relaxing environment.

I write now as my fourth and final week here draws to a close in Atenas ( a city famous for its superior climate and produce), and it has been nothing short of fantastic in every respect). Teacher in Atesa are excellent, very experienced instructors who have devoted complete attention to my progress in learning the Spanish language. They have tailored each class to focus on issues of interest to me and created unique exercises building upon conversations on experiences we have had in our lifes, while incorporating essential grammatical instruction.

Mercedes has devoted an incredible amount of time, beyond what she promised, to working with me both in our bi-daily sessions and during excursions of my choice. For example, being able to visit sites of incredible natural history, has undoubtedly enhanced my language progression, ability to speak confidently with strangers, as well as my understanding of the culture and general happiness living among relatively new faces in Costa Rica. In addition, I cannot overemphasize my satisfaction with the home stay element of the program. For the duration of the program. I have lived next door with Mercedes sister and her family. This truly "full package" arrangement has permitted great fluidity and flexibility, again facilitating my Spanish language progression and overall comfort.

Mercedes and her family have treated me like a family member from day one and for this reason and those I described I am certain this program is unlike any other in many respects. I recommend it wholeheartedly to someone (whether a professional or a student, and of any age) seeking to quickly learn or enhance their Spanish language skills.

This program is simply a treasure!

Laurent Sharett (Business Consultant Washington.D.C.)